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Stiff Short Tyre, Floormat, Carpet Brush

by RockCar
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An absolute staple and the stiff cousin of the soft short brush.  these two brushes are identical but with different bristles, this one is the stiff version.  This is the brush you need to best scrub durable surfaces like rubber tyres, plastic guards on trucks, rubber floor mats.  It can even be used to clean carpets with its later size speeding up the work on large areas like carpet in boots.  Chemically resistant and durable bristles and handle, a must have to make light work of rougher jobs.  Not recommended on delicate surfaces like mag wheels, but perfect on the rubber tyres.  Our ultimate wheel bucket has this for the tyres and the softer version for the wheel face, a detailer brush for the wheel but areas, and a barrel brush for the wheel barrels.  While you can clean rubber with the soft short brush, this stiffer brush will clean better and faster.  this is especially helpful when you want the rubber or plastic really clean so that it can better absorb tyre or trim shine as the preparation and cleaning of the surface is the main trick to these lasting longer.
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