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Pro Wheel Kit w/ Gloss Tyre Shine

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  • Pro Wheel Kit w/ Gloss Tyre Shine [Sams Kits]

    Sams Kits are professionally curated and made for all detailers regardless of skill level. Not only are these products exactly what we use in our sister business (Christchurch-based detailing shop The Detailing Specialists) but they're some of the highest quality products in New Zealand and guaranteed to yield amazing results every time.

    The Pro Wheel Kit has everything you need to clean your wheels and tyres and dress the tyres for protection and aesthetics. This is the stuff we use professionally and much more effective than normal 'over the counter' products. The wheel brushes included are designed to reach all areas including barrels, behind calipers and lug nuts (the hard bits for most wheels).

    - A curated range of wheel brushes to reach all areas including wheel spokes, lug nut holes, barrels and between the caliper and rim for all wheel types.
    - Amazing pH neutral iron remover to clean heavy brake dust.
    - Strong alkaline cleaner to clean browning from tyres and dirt from wheels.
    - The longest lasting ceramic based tyre shine on the market for maximum tyre protection and a long-lasting result.

    This really is all you need to get the job done right. Designed to work with all wheel types across a wide range of cars.
  • Kit Includes:

    • Fireball Iron Burn 500ml
    • Fireball Wheel & Tyre 500ml
    • Fireball Tyre Coating Gloss 500ml
    • Rockcar Short Soft Wheel & Engine Brush
    • Rockcar Soft Barrel Brush
    • Rockcar Chemical Resistant Detailing Brush
    • Fireball Tyre Shine Applicator
    Normally these products are valued at $198.82 when purchasing individually!
  • Using our Pro Wheel Kit is easy, just follow the below steps.

    1) Wheel cleaners work better on dry dirt but if the build-up of dirt is immense start with a pre-rinse otherwise just start dry!
    2) Spray your wheel surface and tyre with Fireball Wheel & Tyre. This is a strong product so allow about 2 minutes to dwell and scrub thoroughly using the appropriate brushes to agitate the dirt (if the product starts to dry out then rinse it off). Rinse thoroughly. 
    3) Once mostly clean use the Fireball Iron Burn to attack the baked on brake dust. This is only effective on wheels (not tyres), so spray the wheel thoroughly and allow up to 5 minutes to dwell until a strong purple reaction occurs. Scrub thoroughly with the wheel brushes again and rinse off to reveal a clean surface.
    4) Dry your wheels using a microfibre towel (and spray wax if you have one) and allow the tyres to fully dry before the next step.
    5) Once the tyres are fully dry apply Fireball Tyre Coating to the Fireball Tyre Applicator and wipe around your tyre thoroughly. Allow approximately 30 minutes before driving or lightly wipe off excess with a microfibre towel to avoid 'flinging' the tyre shine.

    Now your wheels and tyres are clean and protected!

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