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Sprayer: Acid Resistant Gold Standard Trigger Sprayer

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Tolco Gold Standard Acid Resistant Sprayer

Why Buy This Product?

  • Extra durable upgraded bottle sprayer
  • Chemical-resistant pump and Viton seals stand up to the toughest detailing acids and cleaning chemicals
  • Comfort-grip sprayer head handle and trigger
  • Pumps out 1.3 ml of product per stroke; 40% more than standard sprayers
  • Durable materials resist cracking and fading from UV sunlight
  • Note:  this is Acid resistant but it not suitable for all and every chemical.  Do not use with Kerosine, Acetone, or materials that can dissolve plastics.  It is safe for all of the chemicals that we sell, if you are using it with your own chemicals you will need to do your own testing.  

About This Trigger Sprayer

The Gold Standard Acid Resistant Sprayer is an upgraded professional grade detailing tool. This acid-resistant sprayer has an ergonomic comfort grip and extra large trigger handle for comfortable usage during any long detailing job. Every pull from the Acid Resistant Sprayer pumps out 1.3 ml per stroke, over 40% more than stock sprayer heads. More product per spray means fewer pumps and less fatigue with your hands and wrists as you detail. The adjustable nozzle sprays every pattern between a fine mist to a jet stream, perfect for cleaning and saturating any exterior car part, engine bays, wheels, and exhaust tips. The Gold Standard Acid Resistant Sprayer is great for use with heavy duty Chemical Guys cleaners, wheel acids, and caustic degreasers. The sprayer head feed straw even comes complete with a filter screen to help protect sprayer pump internals from debris contamination, and help ensure maximum passage of chemicals at every pump. Viton seals resist wear and tear from even the toughest detailing chemicals, and helps prolong the lifespan of these heavy duty sprayer heads. These professional-grade sprayers stand up to heavy duty detailing use so you can get the job done quickly and efficiently. Take on any detailing job with the confidence of a sprayer head that’ll never quit: The Chemical Guys Gold Standard Acid Resistant Sprayer.

Note:  This is chemical resistant but not suitable for all chemicals like acetone, Kerosine, or other plastic dissolving products.  It is designed for the Chemical Guys products, if you are wanting to use this for other applications such as an industrial or workshop application you would need to do your own testing, we could not warrant the trigger for all chemicals, especially those whose industrial application is to dissolve plastics, when in doubt contact your chemical supplier.

Chemical Resistant Durability

Chemical Guys introduced the Gold Standard Acid Resistant Sprayer to stand up to intense detailing use. Industrial chemicals and professional detailing products are not always chemically neutral, which means that some products have to be slightly acidic or basic to cut through intense dirt, filth, and grime. The Viton seals in the professional grade sprayer head won’t break down from use with any Chemical Guys product like wheel acids, and help ensure the sprayer system lasts for years of dependable use. FIll your favorite detailing bottle with your favorite Chemical Guys all purpose cleaner, heavy duty degreaser, or quick detailing spray, then slap on the Gold Standard Acid Resistant Sprayer for fast, efficient, and chemical-resistant detailing usage on any job. Have a taller or shorter bottle? Pull the sprayer head feed straw out from the sprayer, trim to length to fit in the bottle, then reattach for tangle-free detailing.

Fully-Adjustable For Any Detailing Job

Another trait professionals value in the tools they choose is versatility. If one product can do many jobs well, it is usually a better investment than one that cannot. The Gold Standard Acid Resistant Sprayer is fully-adjustable and can be set up for type of detailing, cleaning, or sanitation job in, around, and outside the car, home, office, and garden. Spray a fine mist of waterless car wash or quick detail spray for maximum coverage with minimum product. Focus the sprayer beam to clean inaccessible wheel and engine bay parts, or water hard to reach potted plants up on a shelf. Don’t change your detailing techniques and jobs to suit your tools: choose the tools that perform where and how you need them. Choose Chemical Guys Gold Standard Acid Resistant Sprayer, and take on any detailing job anywhere, any time.

How To Use:
  • Start by removing the sprayer head feed straw, trim to length to fit snugly at bottom of your bottle of choice, then replace snugly into the sprayer handle.
  • Unscrew sprayer head and fill the bottle with your preferred detailing cleaner, degreaser, or detail spray.
  • Reattach sprayer head and shake bottle to mix solution. Squeeze trigger and mist product over the workpiece.
  • Adjust the sprayer pattern from stream to mist as needed.
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