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Replacement Bottles For Pressure Foam Guns (EQP_310)

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TORQ Professional Foam Cannon Replacement Bottle

Why Buy This Product?

  • Replacement soap solution bottle forTORQ Foam Cannons
  • Large 32 oz capacity produces enough foam to completely cover a large SUV
  • Durable injection-molded plastics, car wash chemical resistance, and UV treatments ensure years of dependable use
  • Always good to have a spare or two in your detailing arsenal
  • Features fill level markings for easier dilution of water and your favorite Chemical Guys car wash soap

About The Foam Cannon Replacement Bottle

There’s nothing more fun than spraying down a dirty car with a thick blanket of car wash snow foam. These thick suds may look dramatic and showy, but they add an extra security blanket against the threat of swirls, scratches, and spiderweb marks caused by abrasive dirt cleaning practices. Soapy foam helps loosen stuck-on debris while the added lubricants in Chemical Guys car wash shampoos helps protect paintwork against abrasive scratches caused by dirt and debris. But, just like any other product, we can love and use these tools too much, or incorrectly. Repetitive use can cause excess wear and tear on sensitive parts, and too much force or one too many drops can break a piece before its expected lifespan. The TORQ Professional Foam Cannon uses a pressurized mixing head to blend water, air, and soap solution to create the thick foaming suds that helps clean cars safely. The soap solution bottle is a crucial element that is sensitive to mishandling and mistakes often made when detailing, so Chemical Guys now offers replacement units to keep your foam cannon working for you. Should your bottle fail, replace it immediately, and keep the foam flowing for a scratch-less car washing experience thanks to the TORQ Professional Foam Cannon.

Durable Build Materials For Dependable Use

The TORQ Professional Foam Cannon Replacement Bottle is made with professional-grade injection-molded plastic. The versatile bottle easily attaches to any TORQ Foam Cannon unit, including the Max Foam 8 and the Snow Foamer. Precision cut threads create an airtight seal with the brass threads of the foam cannon unit, ensuring perfect mixing in the pressurized head for the thickest car wash foaming action. The contoured bottle features raised bubble grips for easy grabbing and twisting even while the bottle is soapy and wet. Chemical-resistant plastic rejects any type of damage from car wash cleaners, and specialty UV treatments keep the plastic and the contents within the bottle shielded from harmful solar UV rays. Graduated measurement markings help with precise soap solution diluting, and snow foam distribution over an entire vehicle. Every TORQ Replacement Foam Cannon Bottle comes printed with the Chemical Guys crest logo in bold red, black, and white graphics just so you can tell the world you mean business, and use only the finest car care products and tools. Don’t let a bad drop or excess wear and tear let you down; replace a broken bottle with the TORQ Professional Foam Cannon Bottle and keep on foaming for scratch-less detailing!

Upgrade Your Foam Cannon For The New TORQ Threadlock System Design Innovation

The newest generation TORQ Foam Cannons come engineered and refined with the patent-pending TORQ Threadlock System, a foam cannon industry first! The unique injection-molded sleeve insulates the delicate plastic bottle threads from the machined brass components. This innovative feature ensures a perfect seal, maintains internal pressure inside the bottle, delivers the thickest car washing foam, and prevents the bottle threads from stripping. The TORQ Threadlock Sleeve helps contain the high pressure within the foam cannon system to create the thickest car wash foam with minimal product usage, and lower operating pressures. Click the new TORQ Snow Foamer Professional Foam Cannon onto any pressure washer, and turn a normal car wash into a professional foam detail.


Usage And Storage Tips

Maintaining your TORQ Foam Cannon helps ensure years of dependable use. Lack of maintenance, misuse, and accidents can damage and compromise parts like the Foam Cannon Soap Solution Bottle. Follow these basic tips to help ensure years of reliable operation out of your TORQ Professional Foam Cannon.

  • Rinse any soap residues out from the solution bottle after using the TORQ Foam Cannon.
  • Run plain water through the Foam Cannon to purge any lingering residues.
  • over-tightening the soap solution bottle to prevent premature thread wear, damage, and stripping.
  • Store the TORQ Foam Cannon on its side or hang from the nozzle body to prevent toppling and potential drop damage.
  • Avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight and the elements.
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