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PUREWASH™ ALTO 10 - Spot Free Water System

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PUREWASH™ ALTO 10 - Spot Free Water System

IMPORTANT NOTE: This item is sent from the supplier directly; so please expect a 1-2 day lead time for dispatch. Christchurch click & collect orders please await our confirmation before coming to collect.

Are you sick of dealing with water spots on your paintwork caused by the minerals in your tap water? We often see customers with nasty water spots - and what most people don't realise is that this is your tap water; not rain water, that is causing that damage. All water has a certain 'hardness' that corresponds to the levels of minerals in your water - the more minerals; the more heavy water spots. So what do you do about it??

PUREWASH to the rescue! The NZ Made PUREWASH™ ALTO 10 COMPLETELY REMOVES the minerals in your hose/tap water to leave completely pure, deionized water that leaves a spot free rinse. The PUREWASH™ ALTO 10 is completely plug and play! Simply run your garden hose into one end and plumb the other end to either your water blaster or hose reel. The ALTO 10 can handle flow rates to 10 litres per minute - so is easily paired with all domestic and most commercial grade water blasters.

  • Made in New Zealand
  • 10 Litre Resin Tank
  • 10" Carbon Sediment Pre-Filter
  • Low ongoing Running Costs
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Size- L55 cm x W 30 cm x H 53 cm
  • Weight- 12kg Filled
  • Total Litres of "Spot Free" Water- 4000L -5000L Depending on Inlet Water Quality
  • On-demand "Spot Free" Flow Rate Above 10 Litres Per Minute

If you are unsure if you need a PUREWASH™ or want to measure your water first we also have these handy TDS meters to measure the 'Total Dissolved Solids' in your water. Anything above 20-30 will cause water spots (most NZ taps range 50-100).

The PUREWASH™ ALTO 10 is a serviceable unit. The resin must be replaced when your water raises back to a TDS level of anything 20ppm or above. United Car Care stocks replacement resin. The pre-filter must also be changed out every second resin replacement.

We HIGHLY recommend having a read through this PDF document to really help you understand the PUREWASH™ system before purchase. Click here to read.

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