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Pad Cleaning Brush - Pro

by RockCar
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This pro pad cleaning brush from Rockcar makes it quicker and easier to clean polishing pads properly.

When polishing the polish and compounds and waxes used get inside the foam of the polishing pad, if you leave this they will dry inside the foam of the pad itself creating hard spots.  It can also clog on the surface changing the surface for future polishes.  Left on chemcials can also interact with different products used in future if not properly removed.  It is important to clean away old product properly to get the best result, and also to prolong the life of your pads.

We offer two styles of pad cleaning brush, this one has a smaller focused brush, and an angled handle, this allows you to clean more thorougly with less effort.  Both of our pad clenaing brushes work well, this Pro brush however makes it easier to clean thoroughly.


How to use it:

Have a sink or bucket of clean water, spray Pad Cleaner onto the pad and scrub with the pad cleaning brush.  Rinse in the bucket/sink or under running water, squeeze to push out all the loosed product from inside the foam of the pad, repeat until the pads are clean.  Dry your pads either vertically or valcro up so that water can drain away does not sit on top of the valcro back. Always clean your pads the same day as you used them, do not let them dry over night.  Wait for the pads to dry fully before reusing them so that water still on the pad does not dilute your products, and so that the pad is dry and hard, do not polish with wet pads.

After polishing 1/4 to 1/3 of a car your pad is normally hot and clogged, we recommend at this point swapping to a clan pad for best polishing results and to not overheat and damage the pad and the paint/clearcoat.  If you look after your pads they will last much longer.  It is cheaper to have more pads swap them and clean them properly than to have less pads and have to replace them more often, but if you are working with 1 or 2 pads, we suggest stopping after 1/4 to 1/3 of the car, cleaning the pad and leaving it to dry overnight then continue 1/4 to 1/3 at a time until finished.  While you can polish a car with one pad you risk damage to the car and your pad, and we strongly recommend against it.  

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