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Fireball pH3 Acidic Car Shampoo

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Fireball pH3 Acidic Car Shampoo

Fireball pH3 Acidic Car Shampoo is a descaling and decontaminating shampoo that can be used both on coated and non-coated cars. The mild acids in this car shampoo help to strip minerals and contaminants to refresh the surface of your vehicle or prepare it for waxes and sealants. Not only for bucket washing however - pH3 Shampoo can also be used as a heavy pre-wash or as a chemical for wheel cleaning too.

On coated cars you can expect pH3 to remove minerals and help to unclog/descale ceramic coatings that are not performing as they once were. On non-coated cars you can expect pH3 to strip existing waxes and sealants while preparing the surface for protection layers.

Some care should be taken with pH3 to avoid the direct sun and not allow the product to dry on the surface. This is an acidic shampoo and should be treated with care.

pH: 3.0

Tips: pH3 should not be used as a routine wash method as it simultaneously strips contaminants, leaving behind a bare surface.

QTY: 500ml Bottle


Foam Cannon Method

  1. Dilute with water 1:5 ~ 1:10. 
  2. Spray dilution on the entire vehicle, including the wheels. 
  3. Do not let dry, and rinse the surface thoroughly.

Hand Wash Method

  1.  Pre-rinse the vehicle to remove any loose debris.
  2.  Dilute with water 1:600 ~ 1:1000 into a Fireball Wash Bucket 
  3. Wash from the top of the vehicle to the bottom using a Fireball Wash Mitt/Pad
  4.  Rinse the mitt periodically in a second bucket filled with clean water
  5. Do not let dry, and thoroughly rinse with high-pressure water. 

Pre-Wash Method

  1. Dilute with water 1:5 ~ 1:10
  2. Allow Ph3 to remain on the surface for 1-2 minutes, or as long as possible BEFORE drying. 
  3. Rinse thoroughly with high-pressure water.
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