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Autostolz One Step Polish & Compound (500ml) - Made in Germany - NEW!

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Engineered in Germany to improve the performance and efficiency of the polishing process.  Particles are made diamond hard to achieve high abrasion while simultaneously significantly finer to produce a high finish shine and gloss.

Removes up to 2,000 grit quickly and easily.  A second step is no longer required, performance and efficiency is improved.  No fillers, no silicones, no waxes, no toxic solvents, body shop safe.  With all chemicals always do a small, subtle test spot first.  Do not let freeze.



1. Clean and clay the surface first.  Work on cool paint in the shade, in a dry dust-free area, paint should not exceed 30°C (86°F).  Pads must be matched to hardness of the paint.  For deeper scratches sand to 2,000 grit first.

2. Start with 5-6 large pea sized dots, work it into the pad gently by hand or spreader. Recommended speeds: DA/Random Orbital: 2,000 - 10,000rpm Rotary: 1,500 – 2,000 rpm

3. Reapply more polish as necessary, typically 1/5 of a bottle per car depending on condition and use.  When finished Remove any polish residue with a soft and clean microfibre cloth.

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Made in Germany


Lovecars NZ Testing:

"The best 1 step Polish I have ever used!  Amazing!" - Adam






Weekend testing in Christchurch:

Adam here - I was skeptical that a one-step could remove 2,000 grit to a high shine.  Normally this would be a job for a 2 step, which Autostolz manufacture as well.  So I sanded the roof of my 500SL with 2,000 grit sandpaper did a quick 3 pass polish with my Rockcar 15 DA Polisher (great machine), and the Rockcar Navy blue pad for European paint. with this Autostolz 1 step polish.  Wow.  Here are the photos...  I was super impressed.

Its weird stuff, normally you can tell how aggressive a polish/compound is by rubbing a bit between your finger and thumb and feeing the grit, if its gritty it is normally aggressive and will remove defects faster, but those chunks in the grit will also leave marks behind that you can see, needing you to go over with a finder one that feels real sooth in your fingers, to take those marks out and get a high shine.  1 steps normally don't cut it to get all the defects out or get a high shine as they are normally in the middle, with the grit just small enough to not leave marks you can see with the normal eye, but never really getting that full shine while also not taking away defects as much.  But 1 step is half the time as a 2 step, and 1/3 of the time as a 3 step, so for most people 1 step is the ideal.

When you run this 1 step from Autostolz between your fingers though it feels like body lotion, and you wonder how the heck it is going to remove anything, but when you rub a bit more you start to feel it grab.  The grit is there, its super hard but super fine.  And wow does it work!  Check out the photos, or the above video. 

have you tried it?  let me know your thoughts - I'd love to see and share your photos videos and comments.  I'm a huge fan.  this is my new go to.  Matching it with the right pad is key, and makes so much sense to me, German paint is hard do the pad is harder, Asian cars pain is softer so a softer pad gets better results.  Rockcar's pads are made by Autostolz so I'd go with those.  Autostolz are now also releasing pads in their own name.

Testing Autostolz 1 strep polish and compound on a 500SL Mercedes with Rockcar Euro Pad and Rockcar 15 Dual Action Random Orbital Polishing Machine, 2,00 grit sandpaper

I do wish I'd had a shave before I took them, but well keeping it real.  

Testing the best 1 step polishing compound I have ever used, Autostolz 1 step

This paint was really bad to start with, this was a project car that I flicked in the end.  Then I sanded it with 2,000 grit.

Deeper metalic colour comes out in Adams Mercedes 500SL with Autostolz 1 step polish and compound

Can you see where I've been?  This was super fast.  The depth of the metalic really came out, and caught the sun.  And this was on really hard 1994 Mercedes German Clearcoat.  

Amazing shine and gloss with Autostolz 1 step polish and compound


deep metalic shine on this mercedes with Autostolz 1 step polish and compound on a da polisher form rockcar (15mm)


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