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About Us

Who are United Car Care?

We at UCC are passionate about two things: our cars and our clients. This passion coupled with our experience as car detailers drives us to seek out the best detailing products available on the world market.

Because we’re detailers ourselves, we know what works and what doesn’t. We know how to identify outstanding products, because we only use the best on our client’s cars. We understand that great products are distinguished by what they do and how they do it, not how they are presented. That’s why we don’t focus on pretty packaging or fancy names. Rather, we focus on sourcing and bringing the best fit-for-purpose product to NZ shores – and in turn, to your doorstep.

Rather than limit ourselves to one brand and declare their specific product range ‘fits all’, we source products from a number of international suppliers; each leaders of their respective field. This allows us to access the best available examples of a vast range of products.

Our goal is simple - To provide the best quality products at affordable prices, without the crazy margins; whilst providing top quality support and truly expert advice to all of our customers. If you haven't seen our sister business Obsessive Car Detailing - check it out too.