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Important Business Update; New Ownership

We're taking the next step in United Car Care’s growth - with an ownership change so we can hold more stock of the brands you love, have even more products to choose from and dispatch orders to you even faster.
We're happy to announce that Lovecars Limited have purchased the United Car Care brand, and this post outlines key information and questions you might want to ask below... 
We are placing new orders with suppliers to increase stock to a much higher level so that you know you can get what you need, when you need it, fast. A large initial order with Fireball will arrive in March, and we are keen to hear from you too. What stock would you like us to hold, and how can we make United Car Care better for you.  We would love if you could fill in a short survey by clicking here.
What about Sam? Sam will continue driving the United Car Care brand (alongside his other business, The Detailing Specialists in Christchurch) update social media and offer training and customer support. Plus, the Christchurch retail shop will remain (but with increased stock). More below...
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Who is Lovecars?
Lovecars Limited is owned by Adam and Michelle Wright in Christchurch.  Started in 2016 as Professional Distributors Limited (“Prodi”), they have a distribution centre in Sockburn, Christchurch and operate,, - and now!
Will United Car Care change?
Only if you want it to. We plan to keep the business running the same, with the same product range, retail store and website. Sam will continue support and marketing for the brand. What will change is mostly behind the scenes; much more stock will be held in Lovecars Christchurch warehouse, and online orders will be sent out.
What about the other brands
Here, we would like your feedback. What do you love? What products do you want us to keep in stock? Please complete this short survey here.
Has Lovecars taken over the company & what if I'm a trade customer?
Lovecars Limited has only purchased the brand, website and stock from United Car Care Limited - but has not taken over the company. New agreements with suppliers have been made with Lovecars Limited; and if you are an existing trade customer or account customer with United Car Care, we ask that you get in touch so we can complete new account paperwork.
The future for United Car Care is exciting, and we want to hear from you on how we can make United Car Care the best it can be. Thank you for your support. 
Adam, Michelle & Sam.
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Sams Thoughts
It's been a busy nine years since United Car Care was started in 2015. Through brand changes, marketing adaptations and changes to our retail shop - there have been many alterations that I'm thankful our customers have stuck through us for. Our small business mentality is strong, and no two days are the same; with constant adaptation, we are still here in 2024 with an amazing customer base and products!
I'm excited to be part of the future under Lovecars Limited ownership. Working as a team, United Car Care can now achieve far more than what (I) alone could do before. Some of our regular customers know that stock continuity has been difficult; this new change will fix that over time - alongside an increase in products.
To all the regulars. I am still here and responding to messages. The phone lines are open, and I'll continue to train, market and help our customers wherever possible. A big thanks to Adam & Michelle for trusting the vision and taking over now so that the brand can continue to grow and feed our customers detailing obsessions!
Sam Gibbons
Sales/Marketing & Christchurch Retail Shop
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