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TORNADOR® Foam Gun (Z-010)

United Car Care are proud to be suppliers of the original US patented TORNADOR® Car Cleaning Tools. These Tornador tools are the highest quality on the market today and are the originally designed tools that were invented in the US. TORNADOR® Car Cleaning Tools are designed for professionals and experienced detailers wanting to gain huge speed, efficiency and thorough-quality when it comes to detailing your vehicles interior and exterior surfaces.

  • Drastically speeds up cleaning time
  • Reach tight spots and areas easily
  • Low wear and maintenance
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Low noise emissions

The TORNADOR® Foam Gun will change how you wash your car. It uses the air pressure from an air compressor to convert shampoo or any foamy product into unbelievable foam. The suds are so light and fluffy, they cling to vertical surfaces without running off. When washing your vehicle, do you feel you don’t have adequate lubrication or cleaning power because the suds run off the paint? You’ll never experience that with the TORNADOR® Foam Gun. The gun allows you to presoak the vehicle with clinging foam. The foam stays where it’s sprayed. As you wash the vehicle, there is a layer of light foam between your mitt and the paint. With the TORNADOR® Foam Gun your shampoo foam won’t fall flat.

The TORNADOR® Foam Gun can be used with any foaming cleaner, such as car shampoos, carpet and upholstery cleaners, and non-acidic wheel cleaners. Please note: Thoroughly flush all parts of the foam gun with water between uses to prevent cross-contamination of vehicle surfaces. The best rule of thumb is to use different foam guns for different parts of the vehicle. Interior shampoos and car wash soaps can be diluted per the manufacturers’ instructions prior to adding them to the TORNADOR'S® reservoir.

Two fittings are included that attach to the diffuser cap:

Narrow Nozzle - designed to apply upholstery shampoo between seats, kick panels, seat rails - areas where you do not want a lot of foam.

Wide Nozzle – great for using on exterior of vehicle and provides more concentrated strip of product that will cling better. More concentrated strip means less splatter and wasted product.

For this device you require an air compressor capable of producing at least 60psi to 90psi of constant pressure; and no more than 110psi to avoid unnecessary wear.

See the 'Instructions' tab for more information on how to use the TORNADOR® Foam Gun.

"TORNADOR® tools hold a 90 day limited manufacturer's warranty against manufacturing and part defects."

Wear appropriate hearing and eye protection. Use in well ventilated area. Do not exceed 110 psi. Do not use with acidic, flammable or combustible products. Do not point cleaning tool at face or body. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. The Tornador cleaning tool requires a minimum air pressure of 60 to 90 psi, constant, for optimum performance.  DO NOT EXCEED 110 psi. NOTE: Constant air supply may vary depending on compressor size and capabilities. Always make sure tank and air lines are free from oil and water contamination.


1. Dilute your cleaning chemical into the foam gun jar and gently shake to mix.
2. Use the air regulator on the handle or set the air pressure at 60-90psi. The higher the air pressure, the greater the foam. Greater foam will also use more product faster.

For Interior Carpets/Seats
3. Pre-vacuum the areas to be cleaned. Use at the desired air pressure, apply foam to carpet or seat, brush into the fabric, then allow the product to well - and wet vacuum or towel dry.

For Exteriors
3. Use desired air pressure and blow foam onto the surface. Do not allow foam to fully dry; instead use a wash mitt or brush to agitate the product, then rinse thoroughly with water.

4. The TORNADOR® Foam Gun will generate foam using most surfactant-based products. Interior shampoos and car wash soaps can be diluted per label instructions. Normal dilutions are around 30-60ml per 890ml jar.

Maintenance (Important)

• Avoid dropping the gun on the floor, disconnect when not being used.

• Turn liquid valve to the horizontal position after use to avoid dripping from tip.

• Tighten the jar while holding the lid to avoid loosening or stripping gun assembly.

• After use, run air and clean water through the foam gun to eliminate remaining product in the foam attachment.

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