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TORNADOR® Air Blow Out Tool

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TORNADOR® Air Blow Out Tool (Z-014)

United Car Care are proud to be suppliers of the original US patented TORNADOR® Car Cleaning Tools. These Tornador tools are the highest quality on the market today and are the originally designed tools that were invented in the US. TORNADOR® Car Cleaning Tools are designed for professionals and experienced detailers wanting to gain huge speed, efficiency and thorough-quality when it comes to detailing your vehicles interior and exterior surfaces.

  • Drastically speeds up cleaning time
  • Reach tight spots and areas easily
  • Low wear and maintenance
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Low noise emissions

The TORNADOR® Air Blow Out Gun has multiple detailing uses. Use it to blow crumbs, trash, and dust from under and between car seats. Blow out seams in the dashboard and trim, where dust accumulates. On the exterior, blow moisture out of door, trunk, and hood jambs. Blast water out of body seams and from around windows and mirrors to avoid drip marks. Under the hood, dry out the engine compartment so you can dress and polish engine components. The TORNADOR® Air Gun speeds up detailing! The strong gust of air blows debris out in the open where you can vacuum it up. It blasts water out of crevices to eliminate time-consuming hand-drying. It dries up the engine so you can get on with your detail. The TORNADOR® Air Gun saves you valuable time! Commonly used to clean/blow out vents, under seats, interior pockets, dry engines and dry door jambs.

For this device you require an air compressor capable of producing at least 60psi of constant pressure; and no more than 90psi to avoid unnecessary wear.

See the 'Instructions' tab for more information on how to use the TORNADOR® Air Blow Out Tool.

"TORNADOR® tools hold a 90 day limited manufacturer's warranty against manufacturing and part defects."


Wear appropriate hearing and eye protection. Do not exceed 90 psi. Do not point cleaning tool at face or body. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. The Tornador air blow out tool requires a minimum air pressure of 50 to 90 psi, constant, for optimum performance.  DO NOT EXCEED 90 psi.  Constant air supply may vary depending on compressor size and capabilities. Always make sure tank and air lines are free from oil and water contamination.

1. Set air pressure on the regulator at 60 to 90 psi.
2. Wear appropriate ear and eye protection.
3. Do not point tool at face or body.
4. Use the TORNADOR® Air Blow Out Tool to blow debris and moisture out of hard-to-reach areas of a vehicle. Use the TORNADOR® Air Gun inside or outside the vehicle. The strong, tornado-like funnel of air blasts out dirt and dust quickly and easily.

Maintenance (Important)

• Avoid dropping the gun on the floor
• Disconnect when not being used.

NOTE: During and after use, place nozzle into a bucket of soapy water while depressing the trigger once or twice to quickly remove dirt buildup in the cone. This will prevent premature wear.

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