Koch Chemie NanoGlasversiegelung Glass Sealant

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Koch Chemie NanoGlasversiegelung Glass Sealant

NanoGlasversiegelung (or nano glass sealant - as we prefer to call it); is a super hydrophobic glass sealant designed to repel rain, dirt and debris. You can use NanoGlasversiegelung on all exterior glass including mirrors - and it can be used on marine and home glass applications too. NanoGlasversiegelung reduces adhesion of dirt and the slick surfaces allows amazing rain removal at 80kph; leading to a reduction in wiper usage.

One application of Nano Glasversiegelung is designed to last for approximately 12 months or around 20,000kms. The longevity can be affected by maintenance; and on some vehicles wiper rubbers can cause faster degradation of the product.

It is important to thoroughly strip and prepare glass for a good adhesion and longevity. The Koch Chemie NanoGlasversiegelung kit includes a polishing compound made for glass; as well as the glass sealant itself - so everything you need is right here! We would expect one 250ml kit of NanoGlasversiegelung to seal approximately 2 vehicles. Check out the 'instructions' tab for more information about application.

Kit Includes: 1x 250ml Polishing Compound, 1x 250ml Nano Glass Sealant

We recommend undertaking this job using nitrile gloves to stop oils from your skin getting into contact with the glass.

Begin by thoroughly cleaning the vehicle and glass surfaces. If there is any grit we recommend clay barring your glass - especially on older vehicles and hatches where there may be carbon or other environmental fallout built up on the glass.

Once the glass is decontaminated, clean and smooth - use the included polishing compound (step 1) to strip the glass. Give the polishing compound bottle a very thorough shake to activate the product and mix it up. Use a microfibre hand applicator pad or fine foam applicator pad and buff the polishing compound into the glass while wet. You can also do this step by machine on a low speed. Buff the product in until the wet surface starts to dry. Remove excess with a clean microfibre cloth and make sure not to touch the glass with bare skin after this step (as this could inhibit the sealant from bonding with the glass).

Now the glass is stripped you can start on the glass sealant (step 2). It is recommended to apply nano glass sealant in ambient temperatures of between 10 and 30 degrees. Do not use in direct sunlight. Work on sections of the glass and apply a small amount of product to a microfibre applicator pad (approximately 25-30ml per m² of glass). 'Polish' the product into the surface of the glass until a uniform liquid layer is present. You want there to be a uniform layer of liquid so repeat the step with a little extra product if required. After around 3 minutes there should be an even filmy layer left which you can then remove using a glass towel or microfibre towel. If the sealant is hard to remove you can apply a small amount of extra sealant to the glass to dissolve the film and allow an easy buff off.

NanoGlasversiegelung will harden in around 15-60 minutes. Prevent water or dirt touching the surface until fully cured.

Shelf life once opened is approximately 12 months.


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Gavin D.
New Zealand New Zealand
The best glass sealant I have ever used.

I bought the Koch Chemie Nano sealant a year ago and held off doing any review until I had tried it out thoroughly over some time. I have tried many different nano sealants, some last just a few days at best, some a bit longer -some a few weeks. This lasted at least 9 months, through all weathers and two changes of wiper blades. I used the polish (it separated but re-emulsified with a good shake of the bottle) to prep the windscreen glass (it also removed existing calcium spots) then applied the sealant as per the instructions -it only used about 10% of the bottle. As per instructions I let it cure overnight. When it started slightly smearing after 8 months or so I gave the glass a simple clean (water with microfibre is all I ever need) and reapplied the sealant which took about 3 minutes. Most of it just wiped off again but enough adhered in the streaky areas to restore the hydrophobic effect and the glass was back to pristine. I leave the wipers set to timed intermittent wipe rather than auto, as it does confuse my auto wiper control. I cannot see myself ever using a different brand; this product is orders of magnitude better than any other glass nano agent I have discovered.

S. Yermolenko
New Zealand New Zealand
You get a lot more out of it than 2 cars

So I got this sealant because I needed to seal my windows somehow while using ceramic coating for the painted panels. Was expecting 2 cars out of this sealant, but after doing my car and the my brothers, we still have over half a bottle. We didnt use the polish that came with it as it seems to have seperated quite bad, but luckily had some good polush laying around. The longevity is alright. I would say that it lasted half a year before really seeing sheeting. But all that gets quickly revived with some fireball hydro shampoo or foam. Maybe because I didnt use enough. But It does what its supposed to