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Chemical Guys Heavy Duty Water Spot Remover

Water spots are the mineral stains left over after a drop of water evaporates. Chemical Guys Heavy Duty Water Spot Remover uses basic chemistry to remove water spot stains and restore a spot-free shine. The specialty gel neutralizes alkaline stains with a mild acid, removing the stuck-on water stain quickly and effortlessly. If alkaline water spots are not removed quickly, the minerals can react with the paintwork and cause permanent etch marks that cannot be repaired. Heavy Duty Water Spot Remover is perfect for removing stubborn water spots from paintwork, polished metal, glass, and wheels before they can etch deep into the surface and cause irreversible damage. Use Heavy Duty Water Spot Gel to remove water stains from lawn sprinklers, rain, puddle splashes, drain and gutter drips, bad car drying methods, and more. Simply work a small amount of Water Spot Gel into the area to neutralize and melt stuck-on water spots off the surface. Rinse down the area with soap and water or detail spray, then reapply wax and sealant to protect against future water spot contamination and damage. Erase water spot stains with Chemical Guys Heavy Duty Water Spot Remover Gel.

  • Removes waterspot stains from paint, glass, metal, and more
  • Neutralizes waterspot stains for effortless removal
  • Permanently removes stuck-on waterspots in seconds
  • Prepares surface for wax protection against future spots

Water spot damage begins as droplets of water land on paintwork and other automotive surfaces. As the water evaporates, all the minerals inside the droplet are left behind as a stain on the surface. If caught soon enough, these minerals can be simply wiped away during a car wash or with a quick detail spray. If left overnight, the spot may stick harder, but they can typically be removed with a clay bar. Heavy Duty Water Spot Remover can help neutralize the basic alkalinity of the water spot minerals and remove them from the surface. If the water spots are left for a day or more in the hot sun, the minerals bake onto the area and begin reacting with the surface. Beyond this level of contamination, water spots can etch deeper into the surface and cause permanent damage that may require polishing, wet sanding, and even repainting. Remove water spots as soon as possible and avoid permanent damage with Chemical Guys Heavy Duty Water Spot Remover.

Heavy Duty Water Spot Remover instantly erases alkaline water mineral stains from paintwork, glass, and polished metal surfaces. First wash away any abrasive dirt and debris particles from the surface with a car wash, quick detail spray, or waterless wash solution. Then simply work the Heavy Duty Water Spot Remover gel over stuck-on water spots with a microfiber applicator pad to remove them permanently. Buff away any water spot gel residue, then neutralize the gel by rinsing clear with water, or re-cleaning the area with more detail spray or waterless wash solution. Follow up with a coat of wax or sealant to help protect the surface from future water spot contamination and etching.

Most water spots left by lawn sprinklers, rain storms, and car washing are basic alkaline mineral stains. To counteract bases, chemists use acids of complementary strength. Heavy Duty Water Spot Remover is made with a mild acid that reacts with typical water spot minerals, neutralizes them, and removes them from paintwork, glass, and other polished exterior automotive surfaces. The simple chemistry effectively removes water spot minerals without resorting to abrasive compounds, polishes, or even wet sanding steps that more severe spots require. Heavy Duty Water Spot Remover is the perfect product to test and check for the gentlest water spot removal method for spots on any vehicle.

QTY: 1x 16oz Squeeze Bottle (475ml)

  • Work out of direct sunlight for best results.
  • Clean area to remove any loose dirt, debris, or abrasive contamination.
  • Work 3-5 dots of Heavy Duty Water Spot Remover over 2’ x 2’ area with a plush microfiber applicator pad.
  • Re-clean the area with plenty of water, quick detail spray, or waterless wash solution to neutralize the water spot gel.
  • Wax or seal the area to help prevent future contamination and water spot etching.

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    Tyrone Y.
    New Zealand New Zealand
    Water spots

    Used this on a 65 chev with heavey waters spots on a machine wow came out wicked

    New Zealand New Zealand

    Definitely works as advertised. Worth the money.

    ~ Orange Goop ~

    The Orange Goop is very thick and the bottle should last a long time. Application is easy, buffing off not so much but then I did apply it on a winters afternoon so it's possible that if the aluminum panels on the car were a tad warmer it may have been easier. Not 100% sure what the buffing step is for exactly, since you're meant to follow up with soap and water pretty soon after applying. Nevertheless, it works a treat. Also removed water spots from both rear & front windscreens. Immediately followed up with [ Fireball Ultimate Hydrophobic Foam ] > that stuff is epic < good combo.

    Samuel C.
    New Zealand New Zealand
    Great Product

    Great product, removes water spots like it says. Minimal effort and left a clean result.

    Jayme D.
    New Zealand
    Water spot remover

    It quickly removes the stubborn deposits leaving the surfaces sparkling clean! Simply amazing