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Chemical Guys Contour EZ-Form Tires & Trim Applicator

If you like shining your tires but hate getting grease and dressing all over your fingers, then the Contour EZ-Form Applicator is the right pad for you! Only this unique applicator pad mounts a soft durafoam applicator pad on a sculpted no-mess handle. This plastic handle features finger grooves to prevent slippage, and blocks dirt, grease, and grime from getting into your fingertips, underneath your nails, and protects your knuckles from scraping on sharp car parts. The Contour EZ-Form Applicator is easy to grip, which helps anyone with arthritis or weaker grip strength detail their car and get the job done. Keep one Contour EZ-Form Applicator for tires and trim, one for exterior paintwork, and one for interior seats and upholstery. Spread your favorite dressing on tires, bumper trim, window moldings, side-view mirrors, and engine parts without getting your fingers dirty. Spread a coat of wax over paintwork, glass, and shiny metal parts without wasting a single drop. Work leather conditioners into fine leather upholstery and seats to keep interior pieces supple, soft, and free from cracks and breaks. Make detailing EZ again with the Contour EZ-Form Applicator Pad, and protect your car inside and out without any greasy messes.

  • Laser cut finishing foam applicator pad
  • Ideal for that final touch of perfection
  • Bright red foam highlights any dirt, grime, and grease for extra special care on paintwork and other sensitive surfaces
  • Designed for bright and light color cars
  • Ideal for use with cream or paste waxes, leather conditioners, and dressings
  • Reduces product waste

Contour EZ-Form Applicator Pads conform to the surface and spread a perfect thin coat of your favorite tire shine, wax, or leather conditioner. The most common detailing mistake is using too much product. A thicker coat of wax doesn’t “work better” because anything that is not directly touching the paint is wasted. Once you buff off the residue, it all comes off without bonding to the surface. You need an applicator pad that spreads a thin, even coat in just one pass for maximum efficiency. The Contour EZ-Form Applicator spreads a thin, even coat of your favorite product thanks to the dense Durafoam formula. The plush soft foam conforms over every surface to spread the perfect amount of product in just one try. With the right applicator pad, one bottle of tire shine dressing can last for dozens of detail jobs! Save product and save money by using the right tools for the job like the Contour EZ-Form Applicator Pad.

Grab a firm grip onto the Contour EZ-Form Applicator, then guide it over any thin body line, curve, and edge with total precision. Coloring in the lines is a valuable skill when detailing! Spreading a coat of wax or sealant can turn into an expensive mistake when sloppy technique puts the creams on porous plastics where they don’t belong. Only dressing should go on textured plastic trim on bumpers, doors, and windows. Wax, glaze, sealant, and polish can permanently stain and discolor these rubber and plastic pieces, and ruin the clean look of any automobile. Control the applicator and rub the perfect amount of wax into paintwork without touching any trim on accident. Maintain clean lines when detailing, and do the job right the first time without undoing any messy work with the Contour EZ-Form Applicator Pad.

1x Foam Applicator Pad


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