Detailing Clinics

Our experience as detailers, product specialists and perfectionists allow us to offer New Zealanders a unique opportunity.

Our Detailing Clinics are designed to not only give enthusiasts a hands-on learning experience at our Studio, but provide an open and casual forum to ask all the hard questions and gain confidence to achieve showroom results and maintain those results for years to come – plus you’ll meet some like minded enthusiasts too.

Brought to you by United Car Care & Obsessive Car Detailing.

Awesome day. Dispelled some misconceptions about what is the right and wrong way to do things, learnt about things we had never considered, and saw (and felt) the massive difference a little extra effort can make – Graham Manning

Whilst I went in with very few expectations I came out with a LOT of new information (and product!) and had quite a lot of fun along the way. I was really good to get hands on with things like a clay bar and random orbital polisher with an expert there to guide and provide instructions and assistance. In the hands, and with the help of a true professional these things aren’t as daunting as I was expecting. – David McClintock

Most Popular: 'Introduction To Detailing'
Our Introduction To Detailing Clinic offers a crash course on safe and high quality maintenance and wash routines, plus we delve into clay barring and decontamination, hand polishing and machine polishing, waxing/sealing paintwork, exterior finishing plus interior detailing too.

We guarantee that you’ll walk away with new found knowledge. Our guidance on wash routines and techniques will make your life easier and ensure brilliant results every time while our more indepth decontamination and polishing guidance will teach you the skills to bring your paintwork back to it’s former glory. As with all of our detailing clinics, coffee and snacks are provided – the day run for approximately 5 hours.

How does the day run?  We mix in demonstrations of us showing the best and safest techniques to wash down a vehicle including the differences between hose rinsing, water blaster rinsing and explaining the various tools and techniques you should be using and dispelling any errors in your current detailing regime. When we can, our attendees will get hands on experience too – especially when it comes to clay barring and polishing. As we progress through questions and answers will be happening all the time – be prepared to absorb some awesome new information that will leave you confident and able to keep your pride and joy in top form.

Advanced Courses (By Arrangement)
- In-Depth Machine Polishing
- Paint Correction
- Interior Advanced Detailing
- Ceramic Coatings & Protection
- Business Based Courses
- Groomer & Dealership Training

Car Clubs

Did you know that we also accommodate for car clubs and private groups? Help your club or organisation up-skill. Our Detailing Clinics offer a unique experience for any car enthusiast with hands-on experience & learning, a great venue to meet and greet plus a chance to go home with new skills and a better understanding of vehicle maintenance. We can also accomodate to your needs, providing a location for club nights, annual meetings and more...

Need More Info?
Questions and enquiries can be directed to Sam at United Car Care. We’re happy to run you through the finer details of these events for your requirements. Contact Sam today on 021926299 or via email at