Important Announcement 03/10/2021 - We're Moving

Extra Update 13/10/21

We will be moving our warehouse in October and will be unable to ship any orders from Monday 18th October to Friday 29th October. Get your orders in by Sunday 17th October for shipment in October.

Want to know what’s happening but don’t have time to read lots of detail? Read ‘What’s happening?’ below

Like to understand why we’ve decided to make this change + some more detail about the changes? Read through our FAQ’s

What’s happening?

  • When purchasing with us, you’ll be able to continue to do this online via our website with delivery nationwide
  • We’re closing our Auckland retail store in October and will no longer have a physical shop in Auckland
  • Need some product advice or want to see something in action? You can continue to contact us via our usual contact methods


Why are we making this change?

UCC has had many iterations since we started out in 2014 and we’ve got no intention of going anywhere anytime soon. We also know that part of any good business includes continually looking at ways to improve service to customers. We pride ourselves on our customer relationships and providing A+ advice and we intend to ensure that quality doesn’t change, just the method of delivery.

As we all know, the Covid-19 pandemic has provided some unique challenges to small business in NZ. We were able to adapt to a certain extent and were fortunate to weather the storm better than some. We are however reliant on international suppliers and importers to bring our world leading products to NZ and are unfortunately continuing to experience challenges with stock consistency and increasing international freight costs. In some cases, we’re waiting up to 6 months for products to arrive. 

So, we need to adapt again! We’re moving to online/e-commerce only to allow us to operate more sustainably with the aim to improve stock availability over the next 6-12 months.

How does this affect how you shop with us?

Auckland based customers

As sad as it makes us to say it, we will not be re-opening our Auckland retail store.

The current click and collect option (with Alert Level 3 guidelines) will be available until Saturday 9th October for any orders you’d prefer to collect than have shipped. From Sunday 10th October, all orders will be via our website & shipped direct to you.

Christchurch based customers

Our Christchurch store is a collaboration with Luke from Canterbury Auto Detailing and there won’t be a change to this.

Christchurch based customers will still be able to rely on the quality service from Luke and his team, with the bonus that we hope to keep that store better stocked than it has been.

Based anywhere else in NZ

Long story short; there’s no change for you.

We will still be operating the same freight, fulfilment, and customer service channels we always have and are known for. The phone lines will be open, the emails waiting and its business as usual for those who have not been using our retail locations.

What else you can expect to see changing:

  • Better options for freight including both affordability and speed (alert level dependent!)
  • More ways to reach us for support
  • Increased advice on products and personalised detailing requirements or recommendations
  • Improvements to our online store, knowledge base and content available

What about training clinics and in-person events?

Watch this space! At this stage what we can say is that we will continue with clinics from different locations around the country, a travelling roadshow if you will! This will allow us to collaborate with other detailing shops and continue to provide the quality training we always have.

Anything else to know?

As we will be moving our warehousing there will be a period where outbound shipments are paused as we make the move. We do not have the exact dates for this yet but expect it to be mid to late October and will keep you up to date via email, social and the website with plenty of notice to purchase and ship items before the move takes place.

A note from Sam Gibbons.

It’s been an amazing time having a retail presence in the Auckland market since 2015. It’s hard to even make a statement with so many thoughts going through my mind. The absolute support from our customers, amazing conversations, awesome cars seen, great people met, and opportunities will forever be in my mind as an awesome time of life. Of course, this is not a goodbye by any means – just a change in how we will communicate for the future and facing a new challenge for an online only model that we’ve never done before.

United Car Care (UCC) was started in 2014 alongside Obsessive Car Detailing (OCD) and the two businesses have gone from strength to strength in this time. 2020 brought a change in direction with Christian taking sole charge of Obsessive Car Detailing and myself taking the reins of United Car Care. It’s truly humbling to see how both businesses have taken their directions and lamented themselves as household names for detailing in this country. It goes without saying but as the businesses now physically separate, I wish Christian and the OCD team all the best for their future endeavours. I will be popping my head in to check out the awesome cars in the workshop from time to time, but for now a new direction means new focus and challenges for United Car Care and I to encounter.

A big and whopping thank you to all the United Car Care team who have paved the last 7 years. Our current team, Josh and Brad have been completely dedicated to the cause and have provided unmeasurable determination to do right by the United Car Care brand and customers. From a personal perspective they have left me humbled with just how hard they’ve worked, how much respect they’ve shown me and the team culture that has been the United Car Care Auckland shop. I’d also like to thank the previous team members Chris, Cadeyrn, Angus and Joel – we would never be in the position we are without everyone’s efforts – and of course all the OCD team and Christian who have been part of the ever-changing business that is United Car Care.

Every cloud has a silver lining and as hard as it has been to make this overall decision, I do believe it is the right way forward. There will be some challenges making this transition to online, but I do truly believe that we can supply the New Zealand market with world leading car detailing products in ways that are even better and more reliable than we already have been. I hold a high standard for what United Car Care is and should be, and I want to personally thank every one of you, our customers who have been along for the ride since 2014 for your support and for shaping the way we have grown to achieve this high standard. I look forward to keeping our customers close and thank you for your continued support as we go forward to our next chapter and future.

Sam Gibbons, Managing Director, United Car Care Limited. 03/10/2021

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